Episode 3: Broth

In today’s episode, we discuss a hot new trend that’s actually ancient: broth! We weight in on beef & chicken bone broth, vegetarian broth, mushroom broth; homemade vs. packaged broth; broth vs. boullion; “broth” in the form of collagen powder. So much broth! What are the benefits of drinking broth, what is its history, and how on Earth can you make your own?

In this episode, we mention that Abigail reuses Bubbies Pickles jars to store her homemade bone broth in the fridge and freezer. (Not an ad, we just love these pickles!)

We also mention the milk from grass-fed cows that we get from Straus Family Creamery. (Not an ad.)

You can get bones from humanely raised, pastured animals from a good local butcher, some farmer’s markets, directly from the rancher, or online from US Wellness Meats. (Also not an ad.)

We’ll post our recipes for beef bone broth and vegetarian mushroom broth shortly!

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Abigail Morgan